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Capanet Communications provides software solutions and consulting services that offer you insight into your satellite network, giving you the tools to maximize the performance and reduce the cost of managing a satellite network in on-premises and cloud-based environments.



Explore solutions to optimize your bandwidth spend

Capanet Ops Suite

The Capanet Ops platform is a multi-network software suite that simplifies your satellite network's operations, management, and optimization. Capanet Ops gives users visibility and insights into the satellite network.

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Capanet provides a number of services and solutions to help your business scale.

Custom Software


Get ahead of the competition with a custom solution that addresses your company's unique needs and offers you maximum flexibility to support your 

company’s growth.




Capanet Cloud Services provides you the quickest path to adopting the cloud. Let our experts guide you in leveraging the cloud so you can increase your company's flexibility, scalability, and reliability.


Network Consulting

Capanet provides consulting services to improve satellite network performance, reduce the total cost of ownership, and making sure you get the most out of your satellite infrastructure investment.