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INTEGRASYS and Capanet Communications sign a distribution agreement for enabling their customers to have a complete suite of SaaS technologies.

Oct 26, 2021

The partnership’s primary goal is to offer the customer suitable technologies to enable complete network automation, from the design through BeamBudget, Orchestration by the Capanet Ops Suite (powered by G&S SatCom), deployment with Satmotion, maintenance with Alusat, monitoring with Controlsat, and interference mitigation with Vectorsat.

The market benefits from standardization and interconnection between technology vendors and their systems, thanks to advanced API and flexible systems enabling AI and M2M integration.


“By partnering, we enable the end customer to have a one-stop shop for network automation in a fully integrated manner in a multivendor environment. It is a pleasure to integrate with third-party systems, such as the Capanet Ops Suite, with our APIs for empowering Capanet customers with a fully cloud automated network.”, said Alvaro Sánchez, INTEGRASYS, CEO.


“Today, network automation is a must-have in the increasingly competitive landscape of the satellite industry. The strategic partnership between Integrasys and Capanet creates a unified and comprehensive solution that reduces business costs. From streamlining network operations to automating remote deployments, customers will benefit from the combined expertise of both companies.”, said Zafar Khan, Capanet Communications, CEO.


About Integrasys

Founded in 1990 by Hewlett Packard engineers, Integrasys specialises in providing satellite spectrum monitoring systems for the satellite, telecommunication, and broadcast markets. Its solutions enable fast and efficient installation and monitoring, helping reduce both errors and cost. Integrasys is a fast growing company which it has been awarded with the most innovative technology award in 2018 at Satellite show by WTA; it has increased 30% in revenue each year during the last three years, and last year it has tripled its profit. 

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About Capanet Communications

Capanet Communications enables service providers to optimize the performance and reduce the cost of running satellite networks. The company provides best-in-class software solutions and satellite network operations consulting for the satellite industry. Capanet Ops Suite offers a turn-key satellite network management solution that incorporates end-customer management, operations, and financial tools into a unified experience for all teams to leverage. real-time access to critical data to analyze, prioritize, and optimize their satellite network proactively.

With over two decades of experience designing, managing, and operating large-scale global networks, the Capanet team helps companies realize its satellite networks’ full potential.

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