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Kymeta’s Global Satellite Network Enhanced by Capanet’s Modular and Scalable Solution Suite

March 17, 2022

Capanet Communications’ enhanced OSS Network Management Suite optimized  for Kymeta Corporation’s unique advanced global networks

In late 2020, Kymeta approached Capanet Communications to provide a solution for viewing real-time and historical network reporting. The Capanet Ops Suite Network Reporting Module fit the task. It allows for an enhanced view of network bandwidth usage that the key performance indicators (KPIs) generated from the network management system do not provide. The suite offers various dashboards and reports that include customized KPIs so that Kymeta can deliver on its service level agreements. The system can also integrate with external data sources through APIs and incorporate external data with trends in the network.

Victor Jimenez, Director of Network Operations at Kymeta, explains how Capanet changed how the company monitors and plans for its network. “Kymeta’s ability to monitor, manage and plan our Kymeta Broadband: Connectivity as a Managed Service network has greatly improved since the implementation of Capanet’s Satellite Network Monitoring Module. What used to take hours is now a click away. We can get detailed current and historical network information at a glance, detect issues, identify trends, and anticipate needs. Capanet KPIs provide a fundamental view of the network that enables a deep understanding of the quality of our services. It is also an essential part of our forecast analysis that allows us to always be prepared for our customers' bandwidth requirements.”


The added KPIs make the Capanet Ops Suite Network Reporting Module different from other solutions. VSAT platforms have dynamic carrier capabilities such as adaptive coding and modulation (ACM) on outbound carriers and adaptive TDMA, Mx-DMA, and dynamic SCPC on inbound carriers. With different sized terminals moving around mobility networks, the network bandwidth situation constantly changes as terminals enter and exit beams, encounter weather, and increase or decrease their bandwidth usage. The Capanet Solution provides the situational awareness companies like Kymeta need to react and plan for satellite network capacity.

“We appreciate the trust and the opportunity that team Kymeta has provided Capanet as we continue to help Kymeta with its state-of-the-art global network. We are excited to continue working with Kymeta operations and engineering teams on a few forward-looking ideas on our roadmap,” says Zafar Khan, CEO Capanet.

Both Kymeta and Capanet Communications will attend the Satellite 2022 conference in Washington, DC. The conference runs from March 21-24. For more information about Kymeta products and services, visit

About Kymeta Corporation

 Kymeta is the leader in unlocking the potential of broadband satellite connectivity, combined with cellular networks, to satisfy the overwhelming demand for comms on the move and making mobile global. Kymeta’s satellite connectivity solutions offer unique, complete, and turnkey bundled solutions to the market based on best-in-class technologies and tailored customer-centric services that meet and exceed customer mission requirements. These solutions, in tandem with the company’s flat-panel satellite antenna, the first of its kind, and Kymeta services provide revolutionary mobile connectivity on satellite and hybrid satellite-cellular networks to customers around the world. Backed by U.S. and international patents and licenses, the Kymeta terminal addresses the need for low-power, low-cost and high-throughput communication systems that have no moving parts. Kymeta makes connecting easy – for any vehicle, vessel, aircraft, or fixed platform.

Kymeta is a privately held company based in Redmond, Washington.

About Capanet Communications

Capanet Communications enables service providers to optimize the performance and reduce the cost of running satellite networks. The company provides best-in-class software solutions and satellite network operations consulting for the satellite industry. Capanet Ops Suite offers a turn-key satellite network management solution that incorporates end-customer management, operations, and financial tools into a unified experience for all teams to leverage. real-time access to critical data to analyze, prioritize, and optimize their satellite network proactively. With more than two decades of experience designing, managing, and operating large-scale global networks, the Capanet team helps companies realize their satellite networks’ full potential.

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