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Capanet Ops Suite

Efficiency, Scalability, Reliability
The Capanet Ops Suite is a satellite network automation and orchestration software platform that runs on-premises or in the cloud.  Connecting multiple disparate systems together, the Capanet Ops Suite correlates data from multiple sources including cellular, wi-fi, and satellite systems so that you can have full visibility to make informed decisions on the performance and efficiency of your satellite network.

Satellite Network Management

  • Configuration Management
  • Operations Automation 
  • Advanced Reporting
Make Data Driven Decisions possible
The Capanet Ops Suite is an advanced data aggregation, analysis, and reporting tool that gives you the insights you need to ensure your satellite network is running efficiently and performing at the optimal level.​​ The Suite includes


  • Overall Network View
  • Performance of ALL networks
  • Status on All remotes 
  • Network Usage (percentile %)
  • Network Congestion (%)
  • Network Availability ( %)
  • Network Efficiency ( Bits/Hz)

Satellite Capacity


  • Inventory management including NMS configuration and workflow automation
  • Financial analysis with capacity contracts budgeting & Tracking
  • Link Budget Analysis
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